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Hoover Dam - The Re-routing of US 93.
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  Something historic is happening between Arizona and Nevada.  A bridge is being built.  A first of it's kind.  You can find out more facts about the new bridge and by-pass at this site: http://www.hooverdambypass.org.   Below you can view photos of the by-pass' progress as of April 17, 2008. 

A little background on how the dam and US 93 are situated:

Map of the new US 93 re-routing.

   While US 93 is primarily a north-south route, the general direction it run along the dam is northwest - southeast.   Nevada to the west and Arizona to the east.  Approximately two miles on each side of the dam US 93 is rather narrow and very winding.  This, in addition to the tourist parking areas has cause severe traffic slow-downs and has been the scene of many vehicular accidents that further acerbate the problem.  Add to that the post 9/11 security issues such as a large vehicle or vehicles containing explosives across the dam and then stopping in the middle and exploding and you can see why a by-pass around the dam was necessary.  US 95 from Boulder City to Nevada Route 163 to Laughlin then Arizona Route 68 back to US 93 at Kingman, AZ has been acting as temporary detour since 9/11.  This had caused delays in transporting goods and an increase in fuel usage.  US 93 is the main transportation artery between Las Vegas and points south/southeast.  US 95 has had to be widened because of the increase of traffic and traffic accidents this detour has caused.

   The new US 93 rerouting will be four lanes of a wide, freeway type grade.  Starting just east of the Hacienda Hotel-Casino south of Boulder City and remerging with the former US 93 at about the 3 mile marker on the Arizona side.  This will alleviate traffic issues and allow non-dam traffic to run at normal speed with out the narrowing or curving of the highway.  Exits are provided on both sides for those non-commercial vehicles (normally tourists) to approach the dam for touring and sight-seeing.

   While not on such a grand scale as Boston's "Big Dig", this re-routing is very important for the southern Nevada and northern Arizona areas as well as the bridge crossing the Black Canyon/Colorado River being a technical marvel in itself.