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Disneyland Station Disneyland Entry Plaque
Disneyland Station at the entrance. This plaque is on both train trestles at the park entrance.
Allison, Donald Duck & Justin Chip, AJ & Dale
Allison, Donald and Justin. Chip, AJ & Dale.
Shayne in the "O" of the "California" sign.
AJ, Goofy and Sally Me in the "O" of the "California" sign
(Check the White Legs).
AJ, Elasti-Girl & Sally Shayne, AJ, Justin, Allison & Andy on California Screamin'
AJ, Elasti-Girl & Sally Me, AJ, Justin, Allison & Andy on
"California Screamin'"
Home Up Photographs
All photographs Copyright © 2008 by Shayne Stephens