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OSCS(SW) Shayne Stephens, USN(Ret.)
OSCS(SW) Stephens
Me at work 2-25-2009

Emily & Hunter Stephens
Emily Christine & Hunter Allen Stephens
My Grandchildren - 2014

This site is published solely for my entertainment.  As a Computer Professional and a Computer Hobbyist, I have a natural interest in the Internet and it's workings.  The small amount of vanity I have compels me to make my presence known on the World Wide Web.
    This site, as simple as it is, allows me to scratch both itches.  Do not expect any profound knowledge, wisdom or substance. This is my site, and I'm having fun.  You are most welcome to peruse these pages. 
     Your comments are welcome as well.
Have a fine Navy Day

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Biography America Kentucky
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