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The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution
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Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution & The Bill of Rights
Large animated American flag clip art for a white background     I consider myself a conservative, a patriot.  That's not to say that you are not a patriot if you're not conservative.  I know of many decent, America loving individuals that lean to the left.   It's their right as Americans to have those opinions; to practice that ideology just as it is to practice mine.  My beef is with the "far left" who despise this nation, those who believe all the world's faults are because of America, those who worship at the alter of socialism, communism or anarchy.

   I know politicians lie (as a whole), I also know that in order to be a successful politician, you had to "sell out" something along the way.  This is euphemistically called "compromise".  I also know that politicians are human beings and therefore, not perfect.

   I believe in the American dream.  The American ideal.  I believe that as long as we strive for this ideal, we will remain a strong nation, a right nation, a cohesive nation.  Undivided, united in principle, just, and the best place to live in the entire world!

   Perfect?  Never.  But if we stay on the course our founders plotted for us, we can remain on track, out of the shoals and will be able to weather the storms ahead.
   Here for your reading pleasure are the two most important documents this nation has:
The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution with the Bill of Rights and all the amendments.

   As an American, you should be intimately familiar with both these documents.  Read them, understand them and exercise them. 
U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights

The United Socialist States of America

I didn't know where else to put this...
 I figured that this would be the best place to post my feelings about what has been going on in this country. I for one, am devastated about the lack of concern our nation's press and citizens express toward the Social Revolution that is taking place within our country.  A revolution that is tearing away the very fabric of our society.  I feel that this government is peeling out freedom's away bit by bit.  Little by little the powers that be in Washington, D.C. are preparing for a much larger take-over.  That the name of the game is to turn our Judeo-Christian based society into the former U.S.S.R.  To many people in this country, what President Obama and the Democrat Congress are doing is trying to protect people.  Give them what they want and appear to need.

These same people voted for the promised "Hope and Change".
What the reality is, is control.  Why does the government want to control us?  Look at history.  We are repeating it!  If the Democrats can give us what ever they think we need and come across as our savior, from cradle to grave, they have a tremendous amount of power over us.  They believe that we will continually vote them into office, see them as benefactors, praise them and even maybe (God forbid) worship them.

Today, The word "Democrat" is synonymous with "The Left".  The Left has high-jacked the Democratic Party.   There really isn't a conservative Democrat just like there are no longer liberal Republicans.  Left-Democrat-Liberal...Right-Republican-Conservative.  The parties and ideologies are that aligned, regardless what "Big Media" may tell you.   RINO(Republican In Name Only?), no...Liberal-leftist;  don't let the sheep clothing fool you.

Power is the name of the game.  It brings more than just money.  A "non-rich" powerful politician can win over a billionaire.  These people, we elected have become elitist and arrogant and do NOT wish to give up their positions.

Our founders foresaw all of this.  They tried their best to put into the constitution fixes to prevent a lot of this from happening.  But, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"...Who watches the watchers?  Whom do you go to when the Constitution is being trampled?  The Supreme Court?  The process is long and they have no immediate control.  The Attorney General?  Eric Holder is not only in the President's pocket...he's probably further to the left!

No, action needs to be taken by the people.  It's "We, the people..." that need to exercise our DUTY, to do OUR PART, get off our collective asses and vote these reprobates out of their offices.  We can do a recall, we can file petitions, we can make our voices heard.  Is it easy? No!  That's why we, as a "people", let all this going-on ride.  Our lack of effort, our apathy.  It is up to us.  The system does work.  We need to put effort behind it and make it work.  We need to fight.  Not fight in a violent manner but in the ballot box, in the streets demonstrating, making our voices heard.  That is what the Tea Party group is doing...across ideologies, color, race, ethnicities, the Tea Partiers are working the system.  "You want change?  Change Congress" - Harry Reid (D)NV.  probably the only true words he has spoken in public office.

We can do this people...we can fight for our country and gain back our freedoms, our controls, our government.  Get off your ass and fight for your rights.  Let's get this collection of dictators out of office and put back some real Americans!
If we don't... 
The Flag of the USSA
May God bless you and God bless America!